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Mattias Karlsson's Background

Välkommen till Karlsson Catering

Mattias’ passion for cooking started at a young age in his home country of Sweden. He would watch his mother, a single mother of six, create beautiful traditional Swedish food on a limited budget.  His love food continued into school and at 16 enrolled in a cookery school.  Mattias developed his skills during his 3 years on the course and won Young Chef of The Year’ in 1995.

Mattias progressed his cooking skills by moving to the capital, Stockholm.  He began work as a commis chef in a well-respected seafood restaurant ran by an award-winning chef then quickly gained a position as Chef De Partie at Casino Operakallaren, a Michelin Starred restaurant.

Because of Mattias’ sense of adventure and love of world cuisine he felt there were challenges overseas that would help his progression as a chef.  He holidayed in various countries learning new cooking techniques all the time.  At the age of 21 he was offered the head chef position in a high quality, family run business on the West Coast of Ireland.  Mattias revelled the responsibility but still felt there was more out there.  After an enjoyable year he moved to London to work as a Commis Chef in one of London’s best restaurants, the 2 Michelin Starred, La Gavroche.  After only a year he was offered the position of second chef in another Michelin Starred restaurant, the famous Harvey’s, in Bristol.

All this experience at such a young age and his passion, ambition and drive led to Mattias opening his own fine dining restaurant in Beeston, Nottingham, called La Toque, at the age of 24.  It quickly became one of Nottingham’s best loved and respected restaurants.  After 5 years in business Mattias decided to change direction and relaunch his restaurant ast The Library, a world Tapas bar/restaurant to which he has continued success to this day.

Karlsson Catering draws on Mattias’ knowledge and achievements throughout his career to bring a very special company to the world of outside catering.