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Come Try Our Food

We understand choosing the right catering company for your event can be a difficult process; the food a company offers can sound great on paper but the reality can fall short of expectation.  When everything has to be just right why leave anything to chance?

We believe we have come up with a unique solution to alleviate any concerns and give you full confidence in what will be delivered on the day of your event.

After initial contact and we have created you a menu why not come down to our restaurant where we will prepare dishes off the menu for you (and a group of your friends if you wish) to try.  This is a great opportunity to not only try the food before the event but also to meet some of our friendly staff and head chef, Mattias Karlsson.

These sessions are 100% no-obligation and give you the chance to change a menu or even walk away before committing to a full investment.  We are sure though you’ll love not only the food but also our approachable and highly professional attitude, giving you complete confidence that you’ve made the right choice.

Please contact us for more details.