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Fine Wine - Working With Berkmann Wine Cellars

Wine is bottled poetry. Robert Louis Stevenson

Berkmann Wine Cellars is the UK’s leading independent wine agent/wholesaler. Supplying the country’s restaurants and retailers with an unbeatable range, from household names like Duboeuf and Antinori to the most recherché small producers.
Celebrating 40 years in 2004, the Company is dedicated to importing wines directly from all major wine producing countries of the world, and family-owned wine producers form the backbone of their portfolio. The wine producers are acclaimed by all major wine writers and are, in many cases, the leading producers in their regions with their wines consistently winning awards of distinction.

In recognition of the wines and services, they were awarded Restaurant Wine Supplier of the Year 2004 and 2006 at the International Wine Challenge. Their wines, growers and producers are seen at many of the UK’s finest restaurants, as well as many top quality restaurants around the world.

We have teamed with Berkmann Wine Cellars to present a selection of countries or origin, grape varieties and wine styles to provide a top quality wine in each price level for your event or in the home. Working closely with Russell Prior, their Restaurant & Hotel Account Manager, we can provide the perfect wine for any occasion and more specifically any dish or culinary theme. - Click for wine lists